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Pomba & Dove Care understands the need to provide a clean, non-toxic environment for your family, friends, and employees. We are committed to helping our customers provide that environment. We will accomplish this by offering a professional cleaning service utilizing products that non-toxic, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly.

Quality Assurance


Large or small, simple or complex all of our cleaning receives the same meticulous attention to detail. We believe our team to be the greatest asset for delivering high quality service.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on our highly trained and efficient team ensuring a consistent high quality service, which is supported by experienced management. Our team is security screened and experienced in all aspects of cleaning and are environmentally conscious. Our team is always attired in company uniform.


Inspections are performed regularly by management on all sites to ensure our high standards are always maintained. We consider ourselves a hands on and proactive company where we spot any problems and correct them before they become a concern to you.

Occupational health and Safety

The staff and management of Pomba & Dove Care cleaning services practice all health and safety procedures and

have developed safe workplace practices which are closely monitored. All staff are trained in these procedures during their induction process.

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